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Fencing Program Overview

Honor Before Glory


Fencing and Priorities

We believe in prioritizing safety, family, and school followed by fencing. The fact is that even if your child makes it to the Olympics, he/she will still ultimately seek a career in the workforce.

As we take this journey together, we will support your child, novice to NCAA, in striking a healthy balance between home, school, and sport.

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More than just fencing

We weave our core values of honesty, humility, integrity, and trust in every moment. Through hard work, overcoming challenges, and raw perseverance, we forge not only great competitive fencers but, equally, great virtuous citizens.


Draw your sword

WAY is a two weapon club with coaches specializing in Foil and Epee.  Not sure which one is right for you? We will help you explore, discover, and decide as you progress in our program. As the saying goes, "The weapon chooses you." Regardless of which sword you eventually draw, they all serve in their own unique WAY as "life lessons" for order, perseverance, self-control, decision making, and personal discipline.


Proud Member of Team USA

Way of the Sword is a sanctioned Team U.S.A Fencing Club that adheres to all USFA policies and procedures. All our coaches have background checks and are Safe Sport certified.  As a sanctioned club WAY is authorized to host official divisional and regional tournaments.

All fencers MUST become members of the USFA within 14 days of joining.  This is a critical insurance mandate. Join today for as low as $15 a year and let's start crossing swords!


The WAY to measure success?

WAY is driven by a quest for holistic athlete development, making better people while also making better athletes.  These desired athlete outcomes generally fit into four areas by which we measure success when developing an athlete:

1. Competence: sport-specific technical, tactical, and performance skills; improved health and fitness; and healthy training habits. We track point results as a measure of a student's capability of applying technical skills under duress (competition).
2. Confidence: self-belief, resilience, mental toughness, and sense of positive self-worth are the cornerstones of this program.
3. Connection: positive bonds and social relationships with people inside and outside of sport makes WAY a unique inclusive club.
4. Character: respect for the sport, teachers, and parents, ethical and morally responsible behavior at all times.


Fencing Costs (investment)

Fencing has long been the "sport of nobility" with the price tag to match but today costs have been driven down as popularity rises. We encourage parents to shop around, compare prices and value, just like your would any other purchase decision.

There are two primary costs to fencing competitively. Education and application.

1) Education expenses are your "entry level" costs such as club membership, group classes, private lessons and equipment rental or purchase.
2) Application expenses include tournaments w/ travel be it local, regional, or national level tournaments.

Our pricing model focuses solely on education costs. We have non-member pricing vs membership prices (monthly subscriptions) as well as discounted annual prices.

It should be noted that our monthly subscriptions does NOT have annual contracts. You only pay for educational services that you actually use. So for example, if you are going to take off a month for any reason we pause your subscription until you return.


Schedule and planning

We know balance is critical for student-athletes but, in addition, it has to work for parents logistically. Group lessons are available six days a week and broken out by age and skill level. Come to as many or as few for the same price. After the initial discovery phase fencers will choose to focus on foil vs epee. We will help guide you to the correct form unless you already know which is right for you.


Specialized Fencing Equipment

Buy or rent a fencing uniform from us. Typically, most families start out renting and end up buying once confident that their child is committed to the program.

Way of the sword has nine olympic fencing strips with electronic scoring and "cancelation" grounding capability (it's a big deal once your competing burt let's circle back to that another time). Our sanctioned scoring system is state of the art. We have both wireless and wired systems available.

Parents will be expected to purchase some basic scoring equipment within 2 month of joining the club. Most notably a lame, body and mask cords and electric weapon.


The greater your personal aspirations and goals are, the greater the level of commitment you can expect to make.

WAY keeps things simple with a two part methodology that has a proven track record for achieving competitive results on a National level.

Part 1: Education (unlimited group classes and private lessons provide the student with the knowledge necessary to be successful).

Part 2: Application (students enter formal competition to apply lessons and hone skills against a wide spectrum of competitors).


We believe in the value of teaching the art and science of fencing through 1 : 1 private instruction and reinforcing those lessons in group environments. As such we require all students to be taking a minimum of four private lessons a month but 8 is recommended for higher competitive results.

Our curriculum focuses on the fundamentals first, but is progressive and always challenges the student where they are in their training.  We teach the theoretical, technical, and tactical skills proven to get results in today's contemporary competitive environment, while making fencing an enjoyable and engaging experience. Through continuous 1 on 1 learning, students master the nuances of the sport, feel supported, and build confidence, which yields greater retention and results.

Book private lessons by contacting us to set up a standing reservation.


Chess anyone?

Fencing is a game of "physical chess." Chess is the ideal board game as it teaches tactics and strategy along with critical thinking and good decision making.

We have a dedicated room with multiple boards available for kids to play before and after fencing classes. Formal instruction and tournament preparation is available as well.
See the link below for dates and times.


We have tournaments suited for every level from novice to nationals.  When you compete, you emerge stronger, smarter, and better prepared for your next bout through the continuous application of your craft.

Our students compete and earn results at all levels from local, regional and national events.

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Way offers three camps during the summer months.
1) Combo Camp
a balanced recreational approach to learning fencing, archery, and chess.

2) Competitive fencing camps such as Pre- Nationals and Pre- Season Training Camps

3) France camp, our European sleepaway camp in Vichy France

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