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Private Fencing Lessons

We believe in the value of teaching the art and science of fencing through 1 on 1 private instruction.  Our curriculum focuses on the fundamentals first but is progressive and always challenges the student where they are.  We teach the theoretical, technical, and tactical skills proven to get results in today's contemporary competitive environment while making it an enjoyable and engaging experience. Through continuous 1 on 1 learning, students master the nuances of the sport, feel supported, and build confidence which results in greater retention and results.

50 for 1 lesson billed later

$400 for 10.  Buy now and lock in your ten dates

Lessons are 20 minutes intensives. To prepare, students should arrive 15 minutes prior to their lesson to warm-up and get dressed.  Ideally, students should follow up each lesson with an additional 15 minutes of independent reinforcement and take notes (use our 360-degree blackboard).

Coach Michael

Foil and Sabre

Coach Marci


Coach Donald

Foil and Epee