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Epee Program

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Directed by Donald Grunewald - Head Epee Coach

Donald Grunewald, Head Coach of Greenwich High School, began fencing in 1996 at St. Luke's School in New Canaan. He was a four-year starter in foil at Haverford College, leading the team to a MACFA conference championship as captain in 2004. He was a NCAA regional qualifier for four years, and was 6th place in MACFA individual foil. He then spent two years fencing for Oxford, which won the UK national championships in 2006. He began coaching as an Assistant at Haverford in 2007, and secured another MACFA championship. He began coaching at Greenwich High School in 2009. Over the years, his students have won individual state championships 9 times, and several other runners up in Individuals. In the past two seasons, Greenwich has won titles in Boys' Foil twice, Boys' sabre, Girls' sabre, and the 2014 Boys' Overall Team Championship. Grunewald has coached at numerous programs, focusing primarily on foil. He has been coached by Jim Murray, Dave Litttell, and Tomek Walicki.


Specialize in Epee

This program is directed by Head Coaches and administered by certified fulltime coaching professionals available at two locations. This proprietary program provides a unified method of fencing instruction that results in enhanced athletic performance at all levels. It promotes the mastery of specific skills through a deep understanding of the techniques and tactics required to score points and win bouts. Its successful proven record leverages the best of the Hungarian, Russian, Polish, and Italian fencing systems while focusing on neuromuscular development for increased performance.

Centrally located, we offer free escort service from Veteran's Park E.S., Boys and Girls Club, and E.R.M.S.; members have the added value of access to the club starting at 4 pm. High school students can take the bus from RHS.

Bachelor "fight night" party

Epee Schedule

Monday, Wednesday 5 - 8

Saturday 12 - 4 (adults at 11 am)

Our Fitness Facility / Professional Trainers by Results Fitness

Training in group classes serves to teach and reinforce instruction, improve students' agility, promotes fitness, and teaches students to be autonomous fencers. We instill the love of training in our students by making it enjoyable and rewarding as opposed to punitive. It takes years to develop an athlete and we know our role in teaching students to honor themselves through self-care and self-advocacy. By instilling the value of hard work and self-respect, we not only improve students' performance on the strip but equally their behavior for life.

This conditioning program is offered on Monday & Wednesday 5:30 to 6

Saturday 12 to 12:30

Discounts for parent personal training as well.

Youth High-Intensity Interval Training by Results Fitness example. 10 minutes out of 30 shown.

Thinking seriously about fencing? Take it slow and steady. Try a free week and couple that with some private lessons before making a decision. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that WAY is the right program for you.  Take a tour, meet with our coaches and by all means, shop around and compare.  No two fencing clubs are the same.  Some differences worth evaluating are culture, service, location(s), quality of programming, and most of all a passion for working with children.

We offer many options and price points to meet our students where they are today while providing ample opportunity to grow from novice to NCAA.

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