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Draw your sword and test your metal today!

WAY welcomes visitors to come and compete for honor and glory at any of our open tournaments. We believe that tournament play is a critical part of our methodology for improving by Way of the Sword. Tournaments accelerate learning and training and put you on track to compete at progressively higher levels from novice to NCAA. We host local "home" games in foil. sabre and epee from youth to senior A2 & A4 events (pictured). WAY members are encouraged to fence at WAY sanctioned tournaments or show up and support their team mates.

Search and register for tournaments using one of these links

Competing and being measured by way of the sword can be difficult for young fencers as well as parents but we are here to help bridge the gap and prepare your family for the exciting world of USFA tournament play as early as age 7 to adulthood. Rest assured, tournaments are highly regulated and safe for your child at every age of play. Tournament play inspires and motivates students to want to improve and that is how we build strong character, work ethic and become virtuous through right of arms. There is no substitute for getting "knocked" down and having to pick yourself up to fight another day.

Coaches and club owners focus primarily on the athletes well being, technical and tactical skills and competitive results. Parents do all the rest. As an individual Olympic sport, parents must be educated in order to best support their child but luckily there are many resources out there in addition to your coaches and club owners information. Most notably parents are 100% responsible for understanding, registering, paying and attending tournaments as well as any coaching fees that might apply based on travel.

We are often asked "how do we know our child is ready to compete?" You know your child best but typically, we can have a student ready for competition within 6 months of dedicated instruction. We can help make sure you get the correct equipment and start your child off right. New parents should not try to buy equipment alone without some knowledge of what is appropriate for their child.

What you will need to be a competitive fencer in the USFA:
1) USFA membership "competitive" level. This is also the account you will use to register for regional and national events.

2) USFA regulation fencing uniform including mask, FIE chest plate, Underarm protector, jacket, glove, knickers (rented or owned)
2x electrical weapons of choice (owned)
2x body cords two prong style (owned)
2x mask cords (owned)
Lame (owned)

3) An free account (this is what you will use to look up and register for local events). Get an account today for your fencers.

Useful links parents should know about:

For local fencing event list and registration
Regional or national level event list and registration
Fencing parents "watch dog" org.
Blog with lots of good info.
Absolute fencing gear

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