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Group training sessions are now open for beginners to advanced athletes.  Plus coming soon "learn to be a fencing referee."  Private lessons by appointment..all WAY members will receive a minimum of 1 private lesson and two or more if you have already purchased private lessons with your plan.

The Daily Duel Challenge

March 25, say please and thank you

March 26, contest - how many double advances, double retreats you can do in 30 seconds? Practice this often because we will have a "step-off" contest once back at WAY.

March 27, find a fencing role model and be prepared to tell us a little bit about them by next Friday's practice.

March 28, learn Coach Andre's definition of strategy, and tactics. Write what you think and send it to

March 29, do this workout or a portion of it based on your age. Step by step.

March 30, know Coach Andres definitions for first and second intention

March 31, check out this video because this is what we are going to be doing in our high energy class today at 4 pm.  Join us if you think you can handle it!

April 1, play an April Fool joke on someone.  Be nice about it.

Keep Your "Blade Sharp" with 1:1 lessons. All WAY members will receive a minimum of 1 private lesson and two or more if you have already purchased private lessons with your plan.

Solidarity is how we will all get through this. Stay calm, behave like "Mrs. Davis"

Whatever the actions you decide to take in the coming weeks and months, remember one thing; we believe in prioritizing family and school first with fencing a close third. If you are in a position to maintain the status quo, please continue to do so. If not, please continue to join us for unlimited group classes online.

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Enter curious, emerge glorious

WAY of the Sword, located in Ridgefield CT, is home to three team USA clubs: fencing, archery, and chess but also offers enrichment beyond the blade including, camps, parties, even an art gallery. We're also a proud fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity and Relay for Life. Take a tour and meet our professional coaches today.

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A USFA sanctioned fencing club. One of the earliest forms of civilized rivalry, fencing has evolved over the ages as an Olympic sport that embodies honor, discipline, and self-expression. From novice to NCAA we have the path forward to meet all your fencing aspirations.


USAA sanctioned archery club. Archery may very well be the oldest sport still in practice today. An Olympic sport since 1900, archery improves concentration, focus, and responsibility. Six indoor lanes located on the lower level of WAY.


From chess to scrabble, board games serve as an educational tool aiding in the learning of planning, cause and effect relationships, pattern recognition, and research. 

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From kid to corporate let us let us host an unforgettable party for you specializing in fencing, archery or chess.  We also offer party space rentals. Coming mitzvah reception for your teen's special celebration.  Everything a growing teen needs to "man-up" and party down.

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A fun and engaging combination of Team USA fencing, archery, and chess! Our weekly camp sessions are a great WAY for kids ages 7 + to train like Olympians. Each week, students will receive an age-appropriate conditioning regime and formal lessons in fencing, archery, and chess from certified professional coaches. In addition, your child will learn to "parlez-vous" from a surprise guest who'll teach French, the language of escrime.

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The gallery at WAY exhibits local artists and hosts ongoing receptions showcasing a diverse range of art.

Designed for excellence

Our state of the art facility boasts:

  • CT's largest and most advanced fencing club with nine professional, 17-meter, Olympic fencing strips
  • Six regulation 18-meter indoor archery lanes
  • Full-service personal training  discounts for students and parents by Results Fitness Gym (just next door to WAY)
  • Sixteen triple-weighted chess sets
  • Art gallery exhibit
  • Fully HVAC
  • Equipment galore to get you started
  • Armory and repair shop
  • ADA compliant
  • Pro-shop equipment sales
  • Big screen TVs
  • Free WIFI
  • Separate party and event room
  • Adults-only lounge and bathroom
  • Student locker rooms and more...

WAY Before and After

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