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Now hiring for 2024/25 season. Join our team today!

We are currently seeking certified archery instructors for our new programs, formerly run by the Wilton YMCA. We will be running youth, adult, and JOAD programs, as well as camps.

We offer flexible scheduling, competitive salary, and opportunity for growth. If interested, please contact us today.

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Indoor Archery

Indoor Archery is located at Way of the Sword in Ridgefield CT courtesy of The Wilton Archery Club led by Certified Level 3 Archery Coaches, Zack Block & Mike Kazlauskas.  The club is designed for students and adults, beginners to advanced Archers.

Classes are held at Way of the Sword, 21 Governor Street in Ridgefield.

Introduction to Archery Safety

Ages 8 and up

*     New to the sport of Archery
*     Little to no experience with Archery equipment
*     Little to no experience on an Archery Range
*     Interested in learning basic form and shooting technique

Adult Archery

Ages 18 and up

*     For adult archers of all skill levels
*     Individually paced instruction
*     Possibly interested in purchasing equipment or competing

Recreational Archery

Ages 8 and up

*     Must have taken Introduction to Archery Safety or have coach’s approval
*     Familiar with range safety and proper equipment care
*     Looking to improve form and shooting technique
*     Looking to shoot in a fun environment
*     Possibly interested in purchasing equipment or competing

Introduction to Competitive Archery – A JOAD Program

Ages 8 and up

*     Experienced Archers
*     Must have taken Introduction to Archery Safety or have coach’s approval
*     Interested in JOAD Achievement Program
*     Looking for a competitive level and/or tournaments
*     Must have current USA Archery Membership –

Wilton Archery Club Team – A JOAD Program

*     Must Have Coaches Approval for Participation
*     Comfortable shooting at 18 meters.
*     Must have current USA Archery Membership

Participants may bring their own equipment.  Please refrain from bringing any “broadhead” arrows.  Bows and arrows will be available at the Y for use.

Indoor archery range is at Way of the Sword in the lower level