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Our S.T.A.R. Methodology

WAY encourages parents and students interested in competitive fencing to adhere to our S.T.A.R. Methodology for noticeable improvements, greater motivation, and retention.



We believe in the value of teaching the art and science of fencing through 1 on 1 private instruction.  Our curriculum focuses on the fundamentals first but is progressive and always challenges the student where they are.  We teach the theoretical, technical, and tactical skills proven to get results in today's contemporary competitive environment while making it an enjoyable and engaging experience. Through continuous 1 on 1 learning, students master the nuances of the sport, feel supported, and build confidence which results in greater retention and results.


Training in group classes serves to teach and reinforce instruction, improve students' agility, promotes fitness, and teaches students to be autonomous fencers. We instill the love of training in our students by making it enjoyable and rewarding as opposed to punitive. It takes years to develop an athlete and we know our role in teaching students to honor themselves through self-care and self-advocacy. By instilling the value of hard work and self-respect, we not only improve students' performance on the strip but equally their behavior for life.



Apply your skills by participating in open fencing times and formal tournaments on a regular monthly basis. Emerge stronger, smarter, and better prepared for your next bout through the continuous application of your craft. We host monthly "home games" for fencers to apply what they've learned in a formal setting.  We also attend "away games" as fencers improve their skill and branch out both locally and nationally across all age classifications. Coaches use tournament results as a barometer to assess skill levels and inform instruction. Open fencing times are in-house practice sessions that simulate tournament play. We believe that "practice makes POSSIBLE."


Easier said than or lose, it takes perseverance and commitment to return from tournaments and press on in pursuit of one's goals. Confer with your coach and allow him/her to assess your performance as you continue your studies.  When you demonstrate the courage and fortitude to repeat the process you grow on all levels and improved performance and results will follow. WAY is here to support you through your struggles and to congratulate you on your victories.