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Unicorn Version

Honor Before Glory

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A fencing program for adventurous girls ages 7 to 12. Beginners are welcomed to try.
Team Unicorn, although wrapped in a context of learning fencing is, in reality, a program designed for your little girl to BELIEVE in herself.

Get started. Register for one or more combo camps or consider private/group lessons.

  • Tea time
  • Wellness (yoga, meditation)
  • Honor over glory (respect)
  • Agility,  balance drills
  • Technical skills
  • Rules and boundaries
  • Spatial awareness
  • Girls scrimmage tournaments

Civilized swordplay begins with a hot chocolate. Especially during these tough moments.

We start off every practice with a short tea party to connect, talk about their day, and what is important to them. 


Welcome to the age of reason...

As your daughter develops through the age of reason we will thoughtfully strike a balance between the reality of competitive fencing with her love of unicorns, Santa, and the power of rainbows. We won't tell if you won't.


Try a free class today.

100% of Unicorns and their parents started out knowing zero about fencing. Lucky for them they have us.  

Team Unicorn helped make these posters during the quarantine.  

Let the party begin!

Fill out the form below and let's get started. Can't make it on Thursdays?  No worries we have other options for you.

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