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Unicorn Version

Honor Before Glory


Welcome to the age of reason...

As your daughter develops through the age of reason we will thoughtfully strike a balance between the reality of competitive fencing with her love of unicorns, Santa, and the power of rainbows. We won't tell if you won't.

Welcome to our fencing program for girls ages 6 to 10/11.

Beginners are welcomed to join the herd. In fact, most kids start knowing nothing, but we also have some regional level competitors training with us as well. Regardless of your skill level, this specialty class applauds your warrior princess.

Thursdays 5 to 6:30 pm live at Way of the Sword but also via Zoom. Can't make it on Thursdays, no worries, we have other options to get you into the game.

    Classes are held both live and virtually engaging students during:

    5 pm Hot chocolate tea party (COVID cleared)
    5:20 Feats of strength and agility 
    5:40 break
    5:45 Musical fencing footwork
    6:00 Armor up full electrical scoring (supplied)
    6:05 Rotational activities include 10 touch tourney bouts, blade drills, and thrills, FOGO (fencing Yoga), team-building challenges. 
    6:30 Dismiss (parents pick up in the our Covid Plan)


Try a free class today.

100% of Unicorns and their parents started out knowing zero about fencing. Lucky for them they have us.  

$150/MO (included if you are already on a different plan)

Team Unicorn helped make these posters during the quarantine.  

Let the party begin!

Fill out the form below and let's get started. Can't make it on Thursdays?  No worries we have other options for you.

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