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Honor before Glory

Why Fencing?

This is an Olympic sport hundreds of years in the making, founded upon historical context, and popularized in countless books & movies.  Kids and adults love to fence because it is a challenging game of  "physical chess." In reality, fencing is a complex, dynamic, as well as technical and tactical, multidimensional sport."  The study of fencing yields increased fitness, as well as improved executive functioning, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. Fencing is a sport for life.

Why WAY?

Our fencing program draws out the best of what each student has to offer, not only in sport but equally, in character. We specialize in athletic development and follow a pedagogical approach to teach the sport of fencing.  At WAY we pave a clear path forward for the aspiring first-time swordsman to the college-bound athlete.

Why Now?

Whether you're looking for a new sport or "your sport," we'll help you find your WAY. We've welcomed many parents who are seeking a sport that resonates with their child as well as ones whose children are seasoned athletes seeking a new experience.  Regardless of age or athletic ability, it's never too late to get started!


More than a fencing club, a fencing community

One of the earliest forms of civilized rivalry, fencing has evolved over the ages as a sport that embodies honor, discipline, and self-expression.  Way of the Sword is a USFA sanctioned club dedicated to promoting Olympic fencing. Our offerings include personal fencing instruction while teaching skills for honorable living in today’s fast-paced and often challenging culture.  Our unique curriculum is designed to bring pupils to a deep understanding of fencing both as a sport and art form as well as of themselves as responsible, reflective, and well-meaning citizens. We use traditional training methods, creative facilitation practices, and character education to develop strong athletes and individuals. Students of the "Way" improve their ability to visualize, execute, recover, and finish with impunity. Simply stated, students, learn the WAY to "confidence."

New to fencing? Try a free week with no obligation.

Contact us and we'll set up an appropriate schedule based on your age and have you crossing swords in no time.

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