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Sabre Program

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Marci Wizkid - Sabre Coach

Coach Hungarian Sabre

Personally recommended to WAY by Gabor Gardos, Head Coach of the Hungarian Women's Sabre Team and Team Master Tibor Pezsa.

Sabre Trainer at MTK Budapest Sport Club
Facts & Achievements:
• Senior Master: Tibor Pézsa
• Master: Gábor Gárdos
• Budapesti Sportszövetségek Uniója School, Budapest Hungary
Certificated : Sport coach {fencing}
Sabre fencer at Honved Budapest Sport Club
(1989 – 1991)
Facts & Achievements:
• Trainer: István Bódi
• Training with the Hungarian national fencing team
• 1989: Hungarian Junior Champion, team (Budapest, Hungary)
• 1989: Hungarian Junior Champion, individual (Budapest, Hungary)

Sabre Schedule

Sabre classes are available for novice to advanced students ("C" and under).

Private lessons by appointment.

Spcialize in Sabre

This program is 100% authentic Hungarian system directed and taught a Hungarian fencing national champion that was trained since childhood on this system.  In case you were wondering the Hungarian system has produced more sabre world and Olympic champions than any other in the world.

Centrally located, we offer free escort service from Veteran's Park E.S., Boys and Girls Club.  E.R.M.S. students can walk to us and High school students can take the bus from RHS and walk from Main St.


The best part of learning to fence sabre is actually doing it and competitions are a great way to measure yourself and track improvement.


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