New to Fencing? You have come to the right place.

We consider it a "calling" to teach and share the art of fencing with you. Just as our fencing Masters did for us we are passing down a legacy of swordplay hundreds of years in the making.  To enable this we have designed an extraordinary club and culture that will make you feel comfortable and supported. Get started by making an appointment to come see us. It's free and there is no obligation to participate. Still feel a little nervous? We'll "hold your hand" as we educate both student and parents through the process.  One good approach is to book a series of private lessons prior to being introduced to a group environment.

Younger students ages 7 to 11 or 12 will feel more comfortable booking earlier times. Teens will find their peer group attending later times.  Adults historically do not join these classes but instead will book private lessons or attend our adult group classes

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