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WAY is committed to safety first.  To help protect against the spread of COVID 19, we will implement and enforce the following protocols and procedures starting on June 22nd. Our plan is based on, and in accordance with, CDC and CT.Gov guidelines. As such, it may be revised periodically in accordance with updated information provided by these sources.

WAY assumes no responsibility for the recommendations provided in these guidelines. Please seek advice from medical professionals if you have specific questions and/or concerns regarding your return to training and competition at WAY.


What you should know?

Size matters:

  • Our facility boasts 11,000 sq. ft on two levels
    • separate fencing room w/ 14' ceiling
    • separate chess room
    • separate archery room
    • dedicated academic intervention workspace (tutoring)
    • an additional 4000 sq. ft. outdoor space
  • Reduced capacity from 100 to 25
  • Four bathrooms (total of six dedicated stalls and five sinks)
  • Full HVAC w/MERV filters
  • Newly cleaned duct works.

  • Three staircases (dedicated entry exit flow)
  • Five entry/exit door options
  • ADA compliant (upper level)
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Enter/exit and traffic flow:

  • Parents may stay in their cars but should NOT drive away until the student is cleared through temperature and questionnaire checkpoint.
  • Students enter through the front door and will have their temperature checked.  Those with a consistent 100+ temperature (we check twice with a ten minute "cool down" period) will be asked to return home.
  • Students will be asked a series of questions such as "did you have a fever last night?" The list of questions is available from the Wilton YMCA
  • Students will exit through the back door, not the front where they entered
  • Parent pick up in the back of the building on Bailey Street (WAY sign on the wall, ample parking in our driveway).
  • Students alone permitted in the building unless under the age of ten, in which case they may be accompanied by an adult.
  • Doors held open for touchless flow throughout the studio unless airconditioning is turned on
  • Sanitizing gel throughout, gloves, and disposable mask in case you forget your own
  • Traffic flow throughout studio clearly mapped out on a 360-degree chalkboard
  • As mentioned above WAY is uniquely equipped to handle traffic flow with multiple staircases and doorways.
  • It should be noted that archery and locker rooms are housed in the lower level while fencing is on the upper level. We have multiple staircases to manage flow up and down.


  • Two ADA compliant bathrooms on the upper level
  • Two more bathrooms on the lower level (four stalls)
  • Soap dispensers and paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer gel or spray outside each bathroom
  • Glove use in bathrooms made possible.  Dispose upon exiting
  • Cleaning and sanitizing twice a day

Social distancing, seating, and tables:

  • Dedicated seating 12' apart..see picture below
  • Face covering required within six feet of another person but not if twelve feet or more apart
  • outdoor seating and tables provided spaced six ft. apart

Equipment, uniforms, chess pieces, and locker rooms:

  • Equipment included and free to campers. Programs fencers may rent their own personal uniform or purchase.
  • Every student/camper to receive their own dedicated fencing uniform and equipment
  • Dedicated Wayspaces 12' apart with table, chairs and personal coat hooks
  • Every student/camper to get their own dedicated chess pieces, chess pieces sanitized
  • Balls and other manipulatives cleaned before and after each use. Plus student must sanitize before and after touching shared equipment
  • Students have the option to wear gloves

Food, drink

  • Students must have their own reusable water bottle (no plastic please)
  • No sharing of lunch or snacks

Fencing Tournaments

    Here is what we are doing to keep this safe, and sustainable.
    -If you are sick or have any symtoms of sickness alert us and then stay home. We'll refund you in full.

    -18 fencer limit per event (well under our 25% capacity). We have nine ground strips but will only be running three strips per event. We plan to have you in and out in 2 hours tops.

    - each fencer will be assigned a dedicated area 12' apart from anyone else. Yes I said 12 feet. Fencer will be given a chair and must remain seated until called to their strip to bout then return to their seats. Wandering will not be permitted.

    -one parent may stay for fencers 10 and younger. We will give you a chair to sit next to your child in their dedicated Wayspace. Don't bring a folding chair.

    - refs will be 6' away with face masks

    - fencers may use face masks or inserts in their fencing masks

    - Saluting required before and after each bout but no contact

    - Temp check prior to entry (over 100? We give you a 10-minute cool-down period outside prior to a second and final try. If your temperature reads over 100 a second time you must scratch and go home. We will refund you in full.

    -hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio to be used upon entry and exiting

    -USFA valid competitive membership regulation uniform w/socks, minimum two body cords, and weapons)

    -medals will be awarded for the top four places

    -covered outdoor seating for 18 parents will be provided


Full Disclosure Pictures and Videos

Wayspace extreme comfort edition

Wayspace extreme comfort edition ...

Duct cleaning and new MERV filters being done as we speak. Work performed by National air quality services ASCA, VSMR, & VTR certified.

Duct cleaning and new MERV filters being done as we speak. Work performed by National air quality services ASCA, VSMR, & VTR certified. ...

Unicorns unite tonight. 
Girls fencing 5 to 630. Ages 6 to 10+
Live at Way. Virtual via zoom 5 to 6.

Unicorns unite tonight.
Girls fencing 5 to 630. Ages 6 to 10+
Live at Way. Virtual via zoom 5 to 6.

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