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Y12 to Junior (ages 11 to 17)

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Youth Fencing (ages 11 to 17)

Pick up from Boys and Girls Club is available with advanced notice.

Free trial class anytime  Just drop us an email letting us know to expect you and we'll take it from there.

Every practice is broken out into blocks of activity or instruction focusing on a specific goal by age and skill level. New fencers are given preferential treatment during the initial onboarding process. Our curriculum is extensive and we encourage you to read the descriptions found on our calendar for a better understanding of what happens day to day. In short:

Monday 5-8 

Tuesday 5-8

Wednesday 5-8

Thursday 5-8 

Saturdays 12:00 - 4:00

The WAY to Measure Results

WAY is driven by a quest for holistic athlete development, making better people while also making better athletes.  These desired athlete outcomes generally fit into four areas by which we measure success when developing an athlete:

1. Competence: sport-specific technical, tactical and performance skills; improved health and fitness; and healthy training habits. We track point results as a measure of a students capability of applying technical skills under duress (competition).
2. Confidence: self-belief, resilience, mental toughness and sense of positive self-worth are the cornerstones of this program.
3. Connection: positive bonds and social relationships with people inside and outside of sport makes WAY a unique inclusive club.
4. Character: respect for the sport, ethical and morally responsible behavior, integrity and empathy are embedded into everything we teach and do at WAY.


Tournaments, as nerve-racking as they can be, are critical for applying what we have learned but equally serves as a barometer for coaches to help students improve. Further, tournament results are necessary for advancement in ranking and point standings. The better you do the more access you will have to greater competitors and opportunity.

Local>Regional>National>International  (Note NCAA fencing is concurrent to this)

How often should I compete? Once a month is a good goal but serious competitors are going to two or more per month. Ahem..did I mention this is an Olympic sport with the highest recruitment rate by colleges?

Our Fitness Facility & Professional Trainers by Results Fitness

Training in group classes serves to teach and reinforce instruction, improve students' agility, promotes fitness, and teaches students to be autonomous fencers. We instill the love of training in our students by making it enjoyable and rewarding as opposed to punitive. It takes years to develop an athlete and we know our role in teaching students to honor themselves through self-care and self-advocacy. By instilling the value of hard work and self-respect, we not only improve students' performance on the strip but equally their behavior for life.

This conditioning program is offered on Monday & Wednesday 5:30 to 6

Saturday 12 to 12:30

Discounts for parent personal training as well.

Youth High-Intensity Interval Training by Results Fitness example. 10 minutes out of 30 shown.

Competitive Fencing Pricing

Membership + Options
  • First month free "trial" membership
  • Annual membership $600 (new first time students receive free electrical fencing mask, lame, blade and body cord)
  • Attend one day per week $240 per month
  • Attend unlimited days per week $340 per month
  • Private lessons 1 for $50 or 10 for $400
  • Results Fitness Gym $30 per month (Mon, Wed, & Sat.)
  • Membership family discount 10% per additonal child
  • Membership first responder discount 10%

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