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After School Enrichment

Youth development classes for grades

3, 4, 5 and 6, 7, 8 

Fencing Program

This fun and engaging program provides an opportunity to learn and enjoy fencing through group instruction, paired work, games, activities, and plenty of hands-on dueling with their peers. Together we'll discover the Olympic sport of fencing in a safe and supportive manner.

Offered in weekly sessions (typically 6 to 8 weeks fall, winter and spring).

Times typically 2:15 or 3:30 pm

Grades 3-5 one day a week and

Grades 6-8 on a second day during the week (TBD).

The fee structure is based on a six-person minimum per class:

$20 per class at Way of the Sword (local pick up and walking service provided at no additional charge)

$30 per class off-site ( we will store equipment at your site for the duration)

NOTE: there is a one-time annual fee paid to the United States Fencing Association of $10 per year required to participate in this program.

All specialized equipment is provided.  Parents may opt to purchase their own fencing mask from us for $60 if they desire.



sabre starters

Honor before glory

We weave our core values of honesty, humility, integrity, and trust into every moment. Our curriculum is designed to challenge students to perform their best and make good decisions both on and off the fencing strip. We focus on taking responsibility and honoring mistakes, which are inevitable, through acknowledgment and respect.


You look marvelous

Looking and feeling good is important because when your uniform fits right and feels comfortable you perform better. We have only top of the line, rated equipment for safety and comfort. In fact, each student is custom-fitted at the start of the session with a uniform that is theirs exclusively. Do you have a child with tactile issues? We have different fabric types from natural to synthetic to make every child feel and look marvelous.



At the end of this course, students will be able to demonstrate and apply the following:

  • Salute
  • Technical footwork (advance/retreat, lunge, combination actions)
  • Basic offensive actions incorporating foot and blade tempos
  • Basic defensive action (parry riposte in distance)
  • Armoring up (much more complicated than you realize)
  • Fencing strip etiquette
  • Foil and sabre weapon forms
  • Intro to competitive electrical scoring equipment

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