I consider it a "calling" to introduce fencing to you and have designed a club that promotes fencing as a lifelong sport. We specialize in youth development but also train adults for fitness and fun. We will make your experience positive and meaningful with a combination of group and/or private lessons to suit your needs.

Get started by enrolling in a FUNdamental class, booking private lessons or set up an appointment for a tour.  We have open enrollment so now is as good a time as any to take your first lunge.

FUNdamental [drop in] Classes are offered six days a week for your convenience, not an expectation for you to come all those days but you can if you want to. All specialized fencing equipment is provided.  Come prepared with sneakers, sweats, T-shirt and water bottle.  We look forward to crossing swords with you soon.

Mon-Fri 430 pm to 530 pm and

Saturday 1100 am to 1200 pm to 2 pm.

Ages 6 to 12

Fencing at WAY is a structured program that encompasses whole body fitness and technical prowess. We recommend a combination of both private and group classes to start. However, you know your child best and may feel that they are ready to lunge directly into a group class. Regardless, the best approach is to be consistent. Take it slow and steady while learning, discovering, and growing by Way of the Sword.

Ages 13 to 18

We want teens to stay together in their peer group. New teens entering our program will find it useful to take a series of private lessons coupled with our group Foil/Sabre/Epee classes. This is our STAR methodology and it works to engage and accelerate teens learning whether they plan to eventually compete or fence recreationally.